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From virtual reality to real life... (en - Part 1/2)

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From virtual reality to real life...

The wiimote, as a 3D input device, gives more usability for evolving inside virtual (3D drawings, SecondLife) and real worlds (military purposes). This will be the purpose of 2 posts. First, this post focuses on virtual one's :

The following application and script refer to 3D drawing applications :





DAL Wiimote Server and Wiicam for Maya

This application allows the user to control a camera with a Wiimote to simulate the look of a handheld camera. Users can capture these movements for use in animation.

Link(Lang. : English)

Sources / Binaries /
Video Demo

O.S. : WinXP

Author : Paris Mavroidis

Wiimote Commands for Autodesk

A GlovePie script to control camera visualisation of Autodesk tool.


Post 1Post 2
(Lang. English)
GlovePIE Script
O.S. : WinXP

Author : Scott Sheppard

And now, to illustrate some videos :

Vidéo 1 :

[Wii Controller for Virtual Reality – YouTube video uploaded by Oliver Kreylos-09/27/2007]

Vidéo 2 :

[QuartzComposer, GoogleEarth, and Wiimote – YouTube Video uploaded by Hiroaki (pseudo hiroaki0923)-12/06/2006]

Finally, other docs to browse :


Titre - Author

Site Web/ref


Wii+Mac Book Pro + Dome
Paul Bourke
Experimentation with a Wii Controler as a 3D interface for virtual words.

Lien (Lang. Anglais)


About Gesture recognition and the wiimote -


3D inputs for a 3D word
Sreeram Sreedharan, Edmund S. Zurita, Beryl Plimmer
Departments of Electrical, Computer Engineering and Computer Science
University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand
from Abstract :
"...using Wii controllers to provide 3D gesture-based
input to the 3D virtual world, Second Life. By evaluating its
usability, we found that gesture-based interfaces are
appealing and natural for hand gestures such as wave but
difficult to map to facial expressions."

Link (Lang. : English)



Science on a Sphere
Science On a Sphere (SOS)® is a room sized, global display system that uses computers and video projectors to display planetary data onto a six foot diameter sphere, analogous to a giant animated globe. Here, the wiimote is used by the speaker as an interface. (from)

Lien (Lang. English)
Training Manual : PDF
Installation : PPT


PSC scientists adapt the Wii remote controller to steered molecular dynamics.
Pittsburg Supercomputing Center, U.S.A

(unfolding proteins and bucky balls C60)

Lien (Lang. : Anglais)


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