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Wiimote – a measuring instrument for scientific purposes

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The wiimote has never left the field of scientific experimentation. Either as a measuring instrument or for learning purposes, it remains an inexpensive and smart gadget for teachers and researchers :

1. A measuring instrument

- Hacked Wiimote Makes Super Scientific Sensor (Lang. : English)
S. Weijs, R. Hut, Delft University of Technology, Europe (Netherlands)

[wiimote as an hydrological sensor - demonstration - source Wired]

And from the same author :
Cheap weather gadgets (Lang. English)
(Site) (PDF Page 4)
Abstract : "Researchers at the department of water management (faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences) want to cover Africa with inexpensive weather stations made out of electronic gadgets, such as the Wii."
source T. VAN DIJK

- Input Estimation for Teleoperation (Using minimum jerk human motion models to improve telerobotic performance)
Doctoral Thesis, C. Smith, Europe (Sweden) 2009

- Wiihabilitation: Rehabilitation of Wrist Flexion and Extension Using a Wiimote-Based Game System (Lang. : English)
J. Decker, H. Li, D. Losowyj, V. Prakash Rutgers University, USA

2. Teaching with wiimotes (

Yet, some links could be useful to learn more about teaching with wiimotes :

- Academical and Research Wiimote Applications (Lang. : Spanish)
J.A. Vicaria, J.M. Maestre, E.F. Camacho Departamento de Ingeniería de Sistemas y Automática Universidad de Sevilla, Europe (Spain)

- Using the Wii Remote to Teach Introductory Physics (Lang. : English)
L. Horner, T. Duncan, H. Lynch, A. Martin, S. Miller Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, USA

- Intuitive E-Teaching by Using Combined HCI Devices: Experiences with Wiimote Applications (Lang. : English)
Andreas Holzinger1, Selver Softic2, Christian Stickel2, Martin Ebner2, Matjaz Debevc3 1Medical University Graz, A-8036 Graz, Europe (Austria) Institute for Medical Informatics, Statistics & Documentation (IMI) Research Unit HCI4MED 2Graz University of Technology, A-8010 Graz, Institute for Information Systems and Computer Media (IICM) 3University of Maribor, Faculty of Computer Science

- TD n° 3 Interaction – Wiimote (Lang. : French)
Exercise courses from Polytech'Nice University of Nice – Europe (France)

3. Back to mathematics and some technical features for wiimote experiments:

- Back on an experiment :
a. Algebra and wii remote (Lang. English)
b. Quartic Equations Applied to 6-DOF Wiimote Tracking (Lang. : English)
Both from Michael Q. Rieck, Ph. D. Mathematics and Comp. Sci. Dept. Drake University, USA

- Acceleration calibration for wiimote (Lang.: Italian)
C. Scozzafava – Personal Web site

- Interfejsy multimodalne. Mini projekt WiiTut (Lang. Polish)
Mini-project about multimodal interfaces, comparative Analysis about several wiimote's libraries.
L. Kopec, P. Krzepowski, A.G.H. – Europe (Poland)

- Feasibility study about multimodal interfaces from Wiimote (trans. Estudio de las posibilidades de un Wiimote como interfaz de control) ( Lang. : Catalan)
Miguel Ángel Granado Navarro
Final Project, Escola Politecnica Superior de Castelldefels, Europe (Spain)

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