Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Release Note & Manual for fWIIne v0.2

[english version]

The documentation should have been produced earlier...
Well, I hope both files will be useful :

The Release Note for fWIIne v0.2 is now available @ :

fWIIne v0.2 Manual is available @ :


[Data acquisition from a wiimote to Matlab and/or Scilab]

PS :
All your emails about bringing wiimote connectivity to Matlab and Scilab are really appreciated. Do not hesitate to give your feedback about fWIIne (with blog comments,too). This will also help to develop new features.
Soon, a call for developer will be posted, here, with a list of several new features and some specific and interesting requests.


Anonymous said...

Is it possible to read data from the wii balance board into matlab ? That would be very neat.

wiilliam said...

As soon as an open source library is available for the Wii Balance, the connectivity with Matlab will be technically feasible.
Currently, some libraries are existing http://www.dfki.de/iui/advanti/lab/index.html but the libs and the sources are not freely available, yet.
So, wait and see.