Thursday, December 10, 2009

Guide and Manual for fWIIne v0.4

[english version]

The following docs may interest fWIIne users.
The release note and installation guideline for fWIIne v0.4 is available @ :

The manual for fWIIne v0.4 is available @ :


[fwiine pendolo wiimote - video from mattruffoni]
Addedum :

For information and to help developers, some issues were encountered at the compilation of wiiuse lib. Some solutions are described, here :
- either switch to an older release than Visual Studio 9 (source) (Visual Studio 2005 as for example)
- or replace the current version of WINDDK 7600.16385.0 by the older one : WIN DDK 3790.1830 (link [236MB] -burn ISO image on a CD and load installer)

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