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Wiimote news - March 2011

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Once again, this post will provide you a lot of new references about Wiimote-based works. Thanks to all authors for sharing their ideas and their knowledges. Thanks to all past and future contributors for increasing the amount of hacks with this famous peripheral. Once again, the wii remote remains one of the preferred devices for teaching and experimenting in various domains as gesture recognition, motion tracking, IMU applications, cognitive studies, etc.

[Project WiiChem]

1. Courses with a wiimote

- Practical course about Wiimote and Labview (teaching at BoSc level) : Interfacing WiiMote (Lang. Eng) (2011)
Authors : J. C. Jensen, T. N. Tran (National Instruments) Instructors: E. A. Lee, S. A. Seshia, University of California, Berkeley United States
- Notes for teachers : wiimote experiments for high schools(pdf)(web) , ( 2011 – teaching at undergraduate level – Lang. Eng.)
Contact, University of New South Wales - Sydney Australia
- Development of a Wiimote-based gesture recognizer in a microprocessor laboratory course (Lang. Eng.) (2010)
A. Lorente-Leal, J. A. Fernández-Rodrigues, J. M. Montero, Department of Electronic Engineering, University of Madrid, Europe(Spain)
State Of Art for university teaching (level BoSc)

- Oral Training for physic experiments (course : CAPES Physique Chimie) TP Notion de capteur (Trans. sensors : an introduction) (teaching at undergraduate level – Lang. French)
D. Longuépé, Y. Marquant, University of Valenciennes, Europe(France)
- Project WiiChem Teaching Chemistry (teaching at undergraduate and BoSc levels – Lang. French)
University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne, Europe(France)
- Attracting Students to Engineering: using Intuitive HRIs for Educational Purposes (Lang. Eng.)
P. Neto, N. Mendes, N. Mourato, J. N. Pires, University of Coimbra A. P. Moreira, University of Porto Europe(Portugal)
- Sviluppo di applicazioni basate su Wiimote per scopi didattici (Lang. Italian - 2010)
(trans. Wiimote-based application for educational purposes)
D. Rucatti, University of Padoue, Europe(Italy)
Including physic experiments as inclinometer, frequency analysis with Matlab and Labview.

2. Overview of processing techniques and some technical charasteristics

- Motion Plus Exposed – A blog about Wii Motion Plus (communication protocol, calibration, etc.)
- Preprocessing Techniques for Context Recognition from Accelerometer Data (Lang. Eng.) (2010)
D. Figo, P. C. Diniz, D. R. Ferreira,J. M. P. Cardoso, Department of Computer Engineering, Lisbon Technical University, Europe(Portugal)
An exhaustive view of signal processing for accelerometer data and especially with some examples with the wiimote.

- Analysis and Comparison of Low Cost Gaming Controllers for Motion Analysis (Lang. Eng.) (2010)
S. N. Purkayastha, N. Eckenstein, M. D. Byrne, and . K. O’Malley Mechatronics and Haptic Interfaces Lab, RICE University, United States
A comparison between Nintendo Wii Remote and Sony Playstation 3 Sixaxis.

- La Wii et la Wiimote (a basic presentation for undergraduate students) (Lang. French)(2009)
K. Bettayeb
- Investigating Moving Target Search Algorithms : Deriving Displacement from a 3 axis Accelerometer (Lang. Eng.)
A. Blake, G. Winstanley, W. Wilkinson, University of Brighton, Europe(United Kingdom)
- Development of Functional Game Contents Using Wireless Acceleration Sensor(Lang. Eng.) (2010)
H.-C. Lee , I.-C. Kang, E.-S. Kim and G.-T. Hur University of Dohgshin, South Korea
About designing game contents to facilitate game operation for elderly people.

3. 3D processing techniques and virtual reality

[titre : Spatial Sketch]
- Interactive Fabrication : New Interfaces for Digital Fabrication (2009 - Created by K. D.D. Willis & J. Lin)
Spatial Sketch: Bridging Between Movement & Fabrication (Lang. Eng.)
K. D.D. Willis, Carnegie Mellon University, United States J. Lin, J. Mitani, T. Igarashi, JST, ERATO, Japan
- Use of the wiimote as a wireless sensor, Final Year Project Report (2010) (Lang. Catalan)
J. Iglesias Garcia, Postgraduate Engineering School of Univerisity of Terrassa, Europe(Spain)
- Characterizing and Optimizing Rater Performance for Internet-based Collaborative Labeling (Lang. Eng.)
J. A. Stein, A. J. Asman, Electrical Engineering, Vanderbilt University
B. A. Landman, Biomedical Engineering, Johns Hopkins University
United States
About touch-screen tracking, the "wii remote/IR pen" touch-screen system is less efficient than other peripherals (and especially the mouse) for a medical image application.

- User Model for Predictive Calibration Control on Interactive Screens (Lang. Eng.)
B. Migge, A. Kunz, Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
- Using ego motion feedback to improve the immersion in virtual reality environments (Lang. Eng.)
S. Noth, I. Iossifidis, Institut für Neuroinformatik, Ruhr-Universität Bochum
E. Schrowangen, Fachhochschule Gelsenkirchen
About headtracking for advanced driver assitance system.

- Kostengünstiges Virtual Reality Eingabegerät (Lang. German)
L. Klingbeil, Institut für Mikro- und Informationstechnik, Europe(Germany)
About virtual reality lowcost equiment and including a customization of a magnetometric sensor with a wiimote.

- Virtual Reality Logistikplanung (2010 - Lang. German) (Trans. Virtual Reality for logistic application)
F. Kammergruber, W. A. Günthner, University of Technology, Munich, Europe(Germany)
- Headtracking mit Wii-Cam (Lang. German) (2010)
E. Ellwardt, University Koblenz-Landau, Europe(Germany)
Especially about hacking the IR camera from the wii controller for headtracking purposes.

- Human Computer Interface Virtual Acoustic Display Using Gyroscopics Sensors (Lang. Eng.) (2011)
M. Sunny, A. Kalkan-Savoy, C. Thompson
University of Massachusetts Lowell Center for Advanced Computations and Telecommunications
United States
- Wii Remote alkalmazása PC-s környezetben (trans. Using the Wii remote for PC applications) (Lang. Hungarian) (2010) MoSc thesis
T. Brerczki, University of Debrecen, Europe(Hungary)

[Augmented reality - Youtube video from AutonomikForschung]
(ImRoNet: A Real-Time Wearable Projector-Wiimote-System for AR Interaction Scenarios on Plane Objects)

4. Gesture Recognition

[Wii Whole Body Interaction - youtube video from MarkOfStrathclyde]

- A 3D Gesture Recognition System for Multimodal Dialog Systems (Lang. Eng.)
R. Neßelrath, J. Alexandersson, DFKI GmbH, Europe(Germany)
- A Novel Accelerometer-based Gesture Recognition System (Lang.Eng.) MoSc Thesis, A. Akl and its related publication Accelerometer-based gesture recognition via dynamic-time warping, affinity propagation and compressive sensing (Lang. Eng.)
A.Akl, S. Valaee, University of Toronto, Canada
- Body-Centric Interaction Techniques for Very Large Wall Displays (Lang. Eng.)
G. Shoemaker, K. S. Booth, University of British Columbia, Canada
T. Tsukitani, Osaka University, Japan
Y. Kitamura, Tohoku University, Japan
- Thrii: a multimodal interactive installation (Lang. Eng.)
N. Lehrer, S. Rajko, D. Siwiak, D. Tinapple, I. Wallis, T. Koziupa, M. Chen, M. Baran, A. Kidane, D. Lorig, L. Olson
School of Arts, Media and Engineering, Arizona State University, United States
Using interactive and wiimote-based spheres

- Use of gesture recognition to control household devices for older people (Lang. Eng.)
C. Langensiepen, A. Lotfi and S. Higgins
School of Science and Technology, Nottingham Trent University, Europe(United Kingdom)
- Automatic learning of gesture recognition model using SOM and SVM (Lang. Eng.)
M. Oshita and T. Matsunaga, Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan
- Traitement de séquence et manette Wii (Trans. Gesture recognition with wii remote) (2008 - Lang. French) (Developer Guide)(User Guide)
N. Cheifetz, Pierre-Marie Curie University of Paris 6 - Europe(France)
- Interfaces multimodales - Mini-projet - Pilotage Nao (2010 - Lang. French) Project report
J. Dumoulin, J. Jeanneret, B. Wolf, D. Wyler, University of Fribourg, Switzerland

[NAO Navigation and Teleoperation - youtube video from ObiJerome ]
(How Taylor Veltrop, member of the NAO Developer Program, used Kinect and Wiimotes to guide NAO and do Teleoperation - Website of Taylor Veltrop)

5. Others

- Interactopus : An Interactive Dog Toy Final Prototype (Lang. Eng.)
Brittany R. Ransom
Hacking the wiimote for dog games.

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