Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Wiimote measures accelerations (2)... and other applications

[english version ]

This post comes after a first part and some examples already described, here.
In the same way, 4 applications are presented, here :



Wiimote G-Force Logger

Wiimote G-Force Logger records accelerometer data from the Wiimote.
As indicated in Wiimote Apps 's blog, the recorded file can be analyzed and viewed with Excel or OpenCalc .


Reccurence can be set : an interesting idea.

OS : WinXP
Lang. : English
Date : 2008-01-06
Author : Mathieu Charpenel




A datalogger.

(Non open-source)

Japanese skills are necessary. Unfortunately, I cannot translate it.

OS : ?
Lang. : Japanese
Date : 2007-19-03
Author : ?




[WiAcc - Newspaper]

WiiAcc enables "on-the-fly" vizualisation of accelerometer data.
Post 1Post 2Post 3site 4
Application (link 1)
Application+add. libraries (link 2)

(Non open-source)

The following videos illustrate how physic experiments are easy-to-use for educationnal purposes.

Unfortunately, Google's translator is too imprecise to deliver a good description but the blog, the presentations and the videos are very interesting.

OS : WinXP
Lang. : Japanese
Date : 2008-01-06
Author : Yasuyuki Tanimura

Video 1 :

[Free fall study - Wiiリモコンの自由落下 – Video YouTube from Yasuyuki Tanimura - 2008-06-05]

Video 2 :

[Vizualisation of accel. values with WiiAcc – Video YouTube from Yasuyuki Tanimura - 11th March 2007]



WiimoteCom Wrapper for Matlab

As the same as fWIIne, WiimoteCOM brings communication between wiimote and Matlab (with a class, here).

By the way, several applications and other m files are available.

Link Source(Wrapper)Source(.M files)

See also the dedicated Wiki .

Of course, interesting, here. I will come back about this application, later.

OS : WinXP
Lang. : English
Date : 2007-19-03
Authors : Jordan Brindza, Jessica Szweda

Computer Science and Engineering Department, University of Notre Dame, U.S.A.

Finally, other documents to browse around the web :

* You want to know the best library and scientific tools to use with the wiimote. See the following thesis proposal.
(source : Politecnico di Milano - Dipartimento di Elettronica e Informazione)

* Use of the Wiimote as an artistic interface needs a swift analysis of the wiimote performances. (source : The WIII group - He Huang, Scott Lahiff & Felipe Zamarron)


Mathieu Charpenel said...

I am the owner of http://wiimoteapps.wordpress.com
I saw you linked one of my programs on your blog.
I was wondering if yyou would like to exhange links? I put your blog's link in my blog and you put my adress in yours.
You can comment on any of my post to answer.

ps: Do you speak french? If yes, where are you from?

wiilliam said...

Bonne idée, je viens de créer une blogoliste avec un lien vers wiimote Apps. Ok, je passerai sur le site dans le mois qui vient.
Merci !
- Wiilliam
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- Wiilliam
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Pedro Toledo said...


I wanted to install WiiAcc but i had problems because the program is in japanese.

Could somebody tell me how can i install it without having to learn japanese?

Congratulations: your blog is great. now i'm trying to find application for mechanical vibrations with the Wiimote and it's going great!!

wiilliam said...

Thanks, I'm sure you will be interested in this latest post

Good work !

- Wiilliam

PS :
Unfortunately, I don't have a solution about WiiAcc. Maybe try to post in a forum, too.