Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Back to basics : Wiimote connection with a computer - applications

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After several weeks of development with the wiimote, I would like to "back to basics" and to start a list of contributors who developed and provided these "unusual" and innovative software applications with the Wii Remote from Nintendo.

Of course, thanks to Nintendo ! They developed and provided this innovative remote control.

The data acquisition from the Wiimote is also existing with other applications.

Here, fWIIneur found for you, some other developments and projects which are available on the Internet :

First of all, these applications are available thanks to experimented developers who built a lot of drivers for the Wii Controller and allowed everybody to test their applications, graciously.





WiinRemote is THE basis for everyone who tries to use the Wii Remote with the PC.

The clearest and simplest interface to test your wiimote connection. Thanks to onakasuitazoku (pseudo) from Japan.


a "must" / beginners


Wiili is a GNU/Linux Wiki for the Nintendo Wii.

You can download Wiimote drivers for MAC OS X, WindowsXP and Linux. Several langages are available (C++, Perl, etc...)

One of those applications is used by fWIIne for WinXP :

Thanks to Kevin Forbes to develop the cWiimote library.


all levels


Everybody started to

play with the wiimote and with GlovePIE.

With GlovePIE (Carl Kenner), you can use the Wiimote and configure it with several scripts to play, to use it as a mouse or make data acquisition from a accel. motion sensor and then display the result file with excel or matlab.


a good begin and a "must", of course.


GBATEMP forum provides a great list of Wii Homebrew projects for the Nintendo Wii.

By the way, one of them is used by fWIIne for Linux :

Wiiuse is maintained by Michael Laforest and is a Library written in C that can send/receive data from the Wiimote.


all levels

Of course, it's obvious, one main contribution for gaming applications has been realized by Johnny Chung Lee. His famous videos have been viewed more than 4 millions times and still inspire every hardware and software developers.

Dice (pseudo) maintains the forum Wiimote Project.



And finally, another application for scientific software and for data acquisition (in the same purpose as fWIIne, so) :

JohanS (pseudo) has developped a driver to control the Wiimote and for LabVIEW (National Instrument)

Not tested

(other ref.)

For sure, this list is non-exhaustive. You may increase this list (add link in the comment). That's why, the category "applications" was just created.
The list is still increasing !

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