Saturday, January 19, 2008

fWIIneur v0.1 released (english version)

What's fWIIne ?

"Functions for WIImote 'N for Engineering"

The aim of this project is to provide a workpackage of library / Specific Function for Engineering Software (and miscellaneous software, by the way)

First, Software developments are focusing on the fWIIne MEX library to perform communication between Wiimote and Matlab/Simulink.

What's fWIIne v0.1 ?

fWIIne v0.1 is an Open Source MEX-library . It enables communication between Wiimote and Matlab/Simulink. It has been designed for development, rapid-prototyping, and for educational and leisure purposes.
fWIIne v0.1 allows you to experiment your ideas with Matlab, quickly.
S-function sfwiine.m allows you to make modeling and "pseudo real time" simulation with acquisition of Wiimote data.

How to download ? project folder will be available, soon.
Binary files are temporary available @ : fWIIne_bin_v0.1_(2008-01-19).zip

How to use it ?

0. Pre-requisite :
-This program was tested on Windows XP SP2 (with WINDDK 3790.1830) and MATLAB 7.4 (up to 7.0) installed.
- You can follow several tutorials (1) (2) (3) to install the bluetooth driver.
- You need an second "wiimote" software to check if IR acquisition is working properly and to initialize configuration(as WiinRemote v2007 v1.13).
- You can extract zipped files into your Matlab Working directory.

1. You must first connect your wiimote to your PC via bluetooth before running
the program.

2. (skip this step if you don't use IR sensor) You must start WiinRemote and see IR sensors are active

Then you can close it.

3. Launch Matlab

4. Short test for data Acquisition from Matlab : test_fwiine.m

5. Pseudo real time acquisition with simulink and wiimote : fwiine_example.mdl

What to do with ?

First, I used the library to experiment Johnny Lee's proof of concept for tracking fingers :

And It worked well (Mmm,I will not publish the (too much) "quick and dirty" model...)

Next features :

- known issues to be solved : IR initialization, C S-function to enable RealTimeWorkshop simulation with fWIIne

- fWIIne for Scilab, Octave. Well, not planned yet.

- more simulink models

Outlook :

I hope fWIIne will accelerate your proof of concept and I hope you will be able to use it for educational purposes, too.


Fran said...

Hi!! good job. I have one question. When I open in matlab the file test_fwiine.m i have one error:

??? Undefined command/function 'fWIIne'.

Error in ==> test_fwiine at 15

Why? is a library problem? how can i solve this?

thank you very much

wiilliam said...

Hi Fran,

Thanks for using the library.
This library problem can come either from the matlab release/setup or from the compilation of the library.
You will find additionnal informations to solve it at :[Section 3 - Troubleshooting with fWIIne.mexw32 and MATLAB for Windows XP]


Anonymous said...
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Utelo said...

Is there a way to make it workunder Vista? unfortunately I didn't have the choice about the OS.
Thank you!

wiilliam said...


It should work with re-building the libraries.
Well, I cannot ensure it but you could ask for the availability of wiiuse lib. with Vista, here.


Cindy said...

Hi, I have a question, I download "WiinRemote_v2007.1.13"and click the "WiinRemote" exe file, the windows didn't show the battery(%), and the motion/IR sensor didn't show any data. How can I solve this?Thank you.

Alessio said...

Hi Wiiliam,
compliments for the blog.
I want to ask you where is possible to get freely Matlab and simulink to effect the various tests.
Still compliments

wiilliam said...


Well, I'm going to try to answer to both last questions :

@Cindy :
I'm not sure you will find an answer about wiinremote, here. I suggest you to post the question @ wiimote project

@Alessio :
Unfortunately, Matlab is a commercial software. You may download fwiine for scilab and linux. here, all softwares are totally free.

Alessio said...

Thanks for your reply