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Wiimote and latest Human Computer Interfaces - efficiency and robustness

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While Human Computer Interfaces are becoming popular ( multitouch tactile display, 3D vision device,...), several studies underlined their constraints and limitations in term of efficiency.

Did “Minority Report” Get it Wrong? Superiority of the Mouse over 3D Input in a 3D Placement Task (Lang. English)
F. Bérard1, J. Ip2, M. Benovoy2,
D. El-Shimy2, J. R. Blum2, J. R. Cooperstock2
1 University of Grenoble, Europe (France)
2 McGill University, Canada

Obviously, some usual devices will not disappear but the latest 3D peripherals will challenge the well-established ones (such as mouse or keyboard) for innovative applications.

Making Sense of Sensors (Lang. English)
Alex Wright Writer and Information Architect, New-York, USA
(Extract : Researchers are recognizing the potential of position sensors to help them overcome the limitations of traditional user interfaces.)

Here, many wiimote-based applications tackle the problem of robustness and accuracy, too. (in term of IR tracking error, accelerometer bandwidth, etc).

[YouTube's video video from TheTowerBarron]
Finally, the last chapters of this post give an overview of novel usages. Focusing on the use of wiimote as a scientific sensor, some behavioral studies and other hardwares customization will be presented.

1. Accuracy of IR sensor for tracking algorithms

Underlining tracking error around of 2cm for 1 wiimote :
- Dr. Oliver Kreylos' Wiimote Tracking Algorithm and its Limitations (Lang. English)
and Interaction within a VR environment using a wii remote (Lang. English)
P. Vuong, G. Kurillo, R. Bajcsy
University of California Berkeley, USA

Now, reaching accuracy of 2.233mm with 2 wiimotes :
- Stereowiision : stereo vision with wiimotes (Lang. English)
T. Cuypers(1), T. Van den Eede(2), S. Ligot(2), Y. Francken(1), C. Hermans(1), F. Arickx(3), P. Bekaert(1)
(1) Hasselt University - tUL - IBBT
(2)(3)University of Antwerp
Europe (Belgium)

[Stereowiision – youtube's video from uawiist]

An other evaluation :
- WiiRtrack - an evaluation of a low cost head tracking based on the Wiimote (Lang. English)
J. Frohnmayer1, R. Blach2, T. Gleue2, N. Frangakis3 1Merz Akademie, Hochschule für Gestaltung, Stuttgart, Germany 2CC Virtual Environments, Fraunhofer IAO, Stuttgart, Germany 3Institute of Communication and Computer Systems, Athens, Greece

2. Frequency range

- Development of a System for Measurement and Analysis of Tremor Using a Three-axis Accelerometer
N. Mamorita (1), T. Iizuka (2), A. Takeuchi (1), M. Shirataka (1), N. Ikeda (1) (1) Medical Informatics, Graduate School of Medical Sciences, Kitasato University, Kanagawa, Japan; (2) Department of Neurology, School of Medicine, Kitasato University, Kanagawa, Japan
(link 1)(link 2)
Extract from the abstract (file is not freely available - property and courtesy of US National Library of medicine):
"This system using a Wii Remote is capable of analyzing frequency and estimated amplitude of tremor between 3 Hz and 15 Hz. ... The acceleration data is sampled with about 30msec. After the measurement ends, a power spectral density (Fast Fourier transform method) and peak frequencies are presented.The frequency element that can be measured with this system is 15 Hz or less. Since the frequency elementsof tremor are estimated to be 12 Hz or less, the tremor frequency analysis using this system is applicable."

3. What's up in behavior and cognitive studies

- Dynamic Competition and the Cognitive Bottleneck (Lang. English)
K. Snyder-Tapp, R. Dale, Department of Psychology, Memphis, USA
- Predictive Arm Placement in the Statistical Learning of Position Sequences (Lang. English)
N. D. Duran, R. Dale, Department of Psychology, University of Memphis, USA
- Here, the web site is noticeable, too :
Nintendo Wiimote and experimental psychology : Blending cognition and action (Lang. English)
R. Dale, Assistant Professor, University of Memphis

- Development of Estimation System for Concentrate Situation Using Acceleration sensor (Lang. English) P.131-140
M. Okubo, A. Fujimura Doshiba University, Kyoto, Japan

4. Hardware customization

- Instructional manual on building a modified wiimote with an external Button

- Hacking a Wii Remote for Full 3D Absolute Position and Orientation Sensing
(link 1) (link 2)

5. other links to browse :

- The way Wii were: A blogosphere retrospective (Lang. English)

- jOG : podometer (example of new plugin hardwares) (Lang. English)

- Wii Remote Interaction for Industrial Use (student project report) (Lang. English)
M. Nielsen, M. Stenbacka
Mälardalens högskola, Europe (Sweeden)

- intuitive gestural interface for gamers (transl. : Intuitivité et incorporation des interactions gestuelles chez les utilisateurs de jeux vidéo) (Lang. French)
N. Nova, Liftlab, Switzerland
T. Jobert, CEA-LETI – Minatec®, Switzerland

- Wiimote on the physics hour :

[Wiimote as motion detector - YouTube's Video from pkarcsi55]

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