Friday, October 2, 2009

Release note and installation guideline for fWIIne v0.4

[english version]

The Release Note for fWIIne v0.4 is now available @ :
[Data acquisition from Wiimote and Wii Motion Plus - fWIIne v0.4]


accounting said...

When do you believe version 0.4 will be available for linux, including wii motion plus?

wiilliam said...


Several persons were asking me for the linux updates. I understand and I would be glad to provide them.
Currently, there is no due date for the next version with Linux support. (help is always accepted, of course).
First, it would be fine to solve some issues with the updated wiiuse library. (the compatibility with Linux is not supported, yet)
Then, the version 0.5 will include wii motion plus for linux, of course. By the way, I hope the wiiuse's developer will have time to support WMP for Linux because this would earn some months for the version 0.5.
Anyway, I will write a post as soon as it is available, here !

- Wiilliam