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Drilling, levelling and other applications for measuring with a wii controller

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Levelling, drilling and other applications for measuring with a wii controller

Through several examples from university professors and software developers, the wiimote still remains the preferred device for every kind of accelerometer-based applications which require an evaluation of body/motor states(as identification of vertical level, drilling conditions or gesture recognition). In a steady state, a tri-axial accelerometer provides an angular measure compared with gravity. Then, the transient states allow the detection of changing behaviors. And finally, the maintained states (i.e. a repetitive behavior) can be identified and characterized inside a defined bandwidth of the wiimote's acquisition.

1. Measuring angular values in a stationary state
Here, the wiimote doesn't move and delivers information as a level.



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Wiimote as a Level

The wiimote is used as a protractor (angle value compared with gravity) with the application Leveltool. Roll and pitch are displayed on a graph. This application is not complex but who really needs an overengineered electronic plumb-line.


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Sources / Binaries

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Author : Alanceil (pseudo)

2. Detection of transient states :
The detection of a change in the behavior of actuators/motors/transmissions is often necessary to prevent failures and efficiency losses :



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Drilling Lab

Drilling Lab – A Sensor and Computation Grid Enabled Engineering Model for Drilling Vibration Research

Louisiana State University, Society of Petroleum Engineers

This application makes a comparison between a physical analog model and a simulated earth models. Drilling dynamic dysfunction and inefficient motion phenomenons are identified through a sensor platform. Cactus drilling application toolkit works with acquisition of accelerometer values (here, wii remote) via Labview as software data acquisition.

[Drilling Lab]

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Poster (PDF)

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Authors : Richard Duff, Yaakoub El Khamra

3. data acquisition from a Wii Controller - Other interesting links :

More and more wiimote-based applications and publications are referenced around the web.

- Website : Analysis Tools from Australian Antartic Data Centre (Lang. English)
The Australian Antarctic Division has referenced a suite of analysis tools utilizing the wii remote with Matlab. (
Thanks to the people from the "land down under" for having referenced the library fWIIne!)

- Publication : Science in Your pocket from R.F. Wisman and K. Forinash, Indiana University Souheast, USA (Lang. English)
New accelerometer-based devices - as cellphones or wii remote - are easing experiments and the diffusion of investigative tools.

- Document : Wiimote Lab an Introduction from SKIES program of Colorado State University, USA (Lang. English)
A short introduction for students about hacking the wiimote.

- Blog : Posts about applications with a wiimote
on nueve años no son nada from Manuel Martin Ortiz, Technical University of Madrid (Lang. Spanish)

- Blog : Giimote(A Wii Remote extension for Game Maker) from Sam Whited(Lang. English)
A blog about the Giimote library including a development of a Matlab wrapper.-Misc. : Call for internship (ST Microelectronics - June 2008) about Wiimote Tracking (Lang. Italian)

- Misc : Specification for internship (ACTIA MULLER/University of Valenciennes, France - January 2009 ) about designing a low-cost electronic device for diagnostic on vehicle parallelism (Lang. French)

- Course Presentation : Ambient Intelligence -Chapter 10 Human Computer Interaction from J.L. Encaranaçao, Graphisch-Interaktive Systeme, Technical University of Darmstad, Germany (Lang. German)
Example of a hand gesture application for picture viewer.

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