Friday, February 6, 2009

fWIIne v0.3 released (english version)

[english version]

What's fWIIne v0.3 ?

fWIIne v0.3 is the third release of an Open Source MEX-library and S-function . It enables communication between Wiimote and Matlab/Simulink(WinXP) or Scilab(Linux). It has been designed for development, experimentation and for educational or leisure purposes.
fWIIne will help you to perform data acquisition, signal processing and visualization with Matlab, Scilab and a wii controller.

How to download fWIIne v0.3 ?

Binary and source files are available @ : "Download")

Features :

- The release 0.3 is compatible with 0.2 and 0.1, too. (Please refer to release 0.1 and 0.2 for basic features)
- Acquisition of position (x,y) from 4 Infrared dots.

Bug fix :

- Now, the release is based on library wiiuse which allows more compatibility for the user.

Comments :

- CVS folder is not up-to-date. Please refer to "Download" section to download the current release.
- fWIIne for Windows XP and Matlab is based on Matlab >7.1 (r2007...r2008) and library Wiiuse 0.12.
- fWIIne v0.3 is not available yet. (fWIIne v0.2 for Linux and Scilab is based on Scilab 4.1.2 and Wiiuse0.9 library.)
- Guideline and Release Note for fWIIne 0.3 will come soon.

[fWIIne v0.3 - values of IR1x,IR1y,IR2x,IR2y,IR3x,IR3y,IR4x,IR4y]

Special thanks
to Tzahi Menashe for his contribution.


shaolin_cb said...


I am excited to have v0.3 up and running. The accelerometer and button functions are working. The IR functions are not working. I have used the program "WiinRemote" and it registers the IR sensors while fwiine does not. Do I need to activate them somehow? Is this a bug with the wiiuse library?

Thanks for the program.

wiilliam said...

Thanks for using the lib and sorry for the delay.
I'm really surprised you've got this problem with v0.3 ("IR init. with wiinremote first before starting matlab" was a trouble for v0.1, only).
Normally, it is not necessary but I remember one feature inherited from wiiuse : during data acquisition of IR values ,do not use buttons "up"/"down" because they are going to activate/deactivate the IR configuration.
By the way have you got an (error) message in Matlab's prompt while pointing on an IR source ?

Hope it will works,

Anonymous said...
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