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A latest compilation of links to the wiimote

[english version]

Here, a last - but not least - compilation of several links, videos and documentations about Wii remote hacks :

1. Physics experiments and teaching with a wiimote

- Iowa State researcher uses Wii Remotes to teach lessons in computer engineering (source : physorg)
Short article from Iowa State University
- Using the Nintendo Wii Remote built-in acceleration sensor for physics experiments in school.
(and on other accel-based experiments : Digitale Videoanalyse von Bewegungen mit „measure Dynamics“)
Acceleration analysis with wireless sensors (lang. Germ)
T. Wilhelm, University of Würzburg Europe (Germany)

- Low-cost accelerometers for physics experiments (2007 - Lang. : Eng.)
M. Vannoni, National Institue of Applied Optics
S. Straulino Department of Physics
University of Firenze, Europe(Italy)

- Neue Medien im Physikunterricht - (2010 - Lang. : German)
J. Kuhn, J. Reisinger Department of Physics
University of Regensburg, Europe(Germany)

- For beginners or teachers : Low-cost accelerometers for physics experiments
(maybe already presented, here)
- For beginners, too : Using the wiimote in introductory physics experiments(2010 - Lang. : Eng.)
F. Rooney and W. Somers, Department of Physics
The College of New Jersey, United States
- An investigation of Empirical Modelling of artefacts and its advantages over traditional modelling for real-world activities - About comparison between theory and reality(Lang. Eng)
Y. Chen, Department of Computer Science,
University of Warwick, Europe (United Kingdom)

- Devices such as the Nintendo Wii Remote , a general overview (Lang. Eng)
C. A. Wingrave, B. Williamson, P. Varcholik, J. Rose, A. Miller, E. Charbonneau, J. Bott, and J. J. LaViola Jr.,
University of Central Florida, United States

- Interfacing the WII remote with a Computer to capture Real-Time - for beginners(Lang. Eng.)
A. Venkatesh & G. Saini

- Sismógrafo casero basado en Wii(website)
- Cómo hacer un sismógrafo con el Wiimote(website)

[Measure difference pitch angle between 2 wiimote - YouTube video from satitpor]

2. Gesture recognition

- High-level programming and control for industrial robotics: using a hand-held accelerometer-based input device for gesture and posture recognition Research Publication (Lang. Eng.)
P. Neto and J. N. Pires, Department of Mechanical Engineering – Polo II, University of Coimbra, Europe(Portugal)
A. P. Moreira, Institute for Systems and Computer Engineering, University of Porto, Europe(Portugal)
- GesText: Accelerometer-Based Gestural Text-Entry Systems(pdf link 2)(Lang. Eng.)
- Human Identification via Gait Recognition Using Accelerometer Gyro Forces (class project - Lang. Eng.)
M. F. Nowlan, Dept of Computer Science, Yale University, United States

- Breaking the Status Quo: Improving 3D Gesture Recognition with Spatially Convenient Input Devices (Lang. Eng.)
M. Hoffman,P. Varcholik, J. J. LaViola Jr., University of Central Florida, United States

- Motion Capture Data Analysis for Wii Remote (Lang. Eng)
Ng Kwok Ho, Tsoi Chi Hung, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Chinese University of Hong Kong, China(Hong Kong)

- Gestenerkennung mit der SFA (Lang. German) MoSc Thesis report
(trans. : Gesture recognition from Slow Feature Analysis and based on wireless 3D accelerometers)
K. Hein, Cologne University of Applied Science, Europe(Germany)

A related article : Slow feature analysis
- Device based gesture recognition (Lang. Eng.)
D. Zufferey, Department of Informatics,University of Fribourg, Switzerland

3. Motion tracking

- Finger Tracking Desktop Experience (Lang. Eng.)
S. Blot, MoSc in Computer Science, Oxford Brookes University, Europe(United Kingdom)

- Finger tracking system (Lang. Eng.) (2009) Final Year Project report
R. Tumelty, University of Dublin,Europe(Ireland)

- Low-Cost Relative Orientation Tracking of Hand-Held Joystick (Lang. Eng.)
S. Owen, M. James, S. Eero, D. Nelson, Intuitive Surgical Inc./Washington State University, United States

- Inexpensive headtracking (Lang. Eng.) (2010) Master's thesis
J.Sminonsson, Department of Computer Science, University of Tromso, Norway

- Low-Cost Motion Capturing Using Nintendo Wii Remote Controllers (Lang. Eng.) Project Report (2008)
D. Wang, D. Huang, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering,University of Toronto, Canada

- Using multiple WiiMote cameras to control a game (Lang. Eng.)
E. Dehling, Human Media Interaction, University of Twente, Europe(Netherlands)

- wiimote with cube kart 2 (link1)(link2)(Lang. Japanese)
The General Education Center of Iwate, Japan

- Using Nintendo Wii Remote Controller for Finger Tracking,Gesture Recognition - good for beginners (Lang. Eng.)
S. Softic, Institute of Information Systems & Computer Media, Graz University of Technology, Europe(Austria)

- Head Tracking with NintendoWiimote to view Terrain Maps (Lang. Eng.) (2008) BoSc project report
M. Ntlangu, Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Cape Town, South Africa

- Gesture Recognition on Few Training Data using Slow Feature Analysis and Parametric Bootstrap (Lang. Eng.)
P. Koch, W. Konen,K. Hein, Cologne University of Applied Science, Europe(Germany)

- Leveraging Proprioception to Make Mobile Phones More Accessible (prototype based on wiimote+wmp)(Lang. Eng.)
F. Chun Yat Li, D. Dearman and K. N. Truong, Department of Computer Science University of Toronto, Canada

[Circular motion analysis with Wiimote controller - YouTube video from pkarcsi55]

4. Virtual Reality

- Dynamic Projection Environments for Immersive Visualization (Lang. Eng.)
T. C. Yapo, Y. Sheng, J. Nasman, A. Dolce, E. Li, B. Cutler
Department of Computer Science, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, United States
- The 3D Sketch Slice: Precise 3D Volume Annotations in Virtual Environments
(Lang. Eng.) (2009)
J. Schild, Dept. of Computer Science and Applied Cognitive Science, University of Duisburg-Essen, Europe(Germany)
T. Holtkämper, M. Bogen, Fraunhofer IAIS, Europe(Germany)
- Virtual room scene with the Wii Remote/Motion Plus (Lang. Eng.) (2009)
A.A. Tsapanidou, The Nottingham Trent University, Europe(United Kingdom)
- Towards a Dynamic Framework for Interactivity Charlie Roberts (Lang. Eng.) (Master of Arts report)
C. Roberts, Media Arts and Technology Program, University of California, United States
- 3D wii (maybe already presented, here)

[Dual Wiimote Application - Youtube video from beeteward]

[Bagg3D application envoyé par signupnow. ]

5. Stabilization and IMU applications

- WiiCane (Lang. Eng.) (flyer)
Touch Graphics, Inc., NY, United States

- Towards a Low-Cost Quadrotor Research Platform (link - maybe already presented, here)
- UAV blog (and about Kalman filter with wii nunchuck+wmp)
- Towards a low-cost quadrotor research platform (Naval Postgraduate School Thesis)(Lang. Eng.)
L. K. Burkamshaw, Naval Postgraduate School, United States

- Stabilization Method for a Hip-mounted Projector Using an Inertial Sensor (.)
- Couplage de la modélisation et de l'implémentation de ssystèmes interactifs mixtes (Thesis : University Paul Sabatier/Toulouse, Europe(France))
- Wiimote pour controle de bras robotisé MP-CBU-1AI (Final Report)
- Projection Stabilizing Method for Palm-top Display with Wearable display (.)

6. med. studies

- Towards customizable games for stroke rehabilitation (Lang. english)
G. Alankus, M. May, C. Kelleher, Department of Computer Science and Engineering Washington University in St. Louis
A. Lazar, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of California, San Diego
United States
- How Multiple Current Users React to a Quiz (Lang. english)
H.-H. Huang, T. Furukawa,H. Ohashi,T. Nishida, Kyoto University,Japan
A. Cerekovic, I. S. Pandzic, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Y. Nakano, Seikei University, Japan
- Breathing as user interface for pulmonary rehabilitation (Lang. english) Master's Thesis in Computer Science (2010)
J. Guirao Aguilar, Department of Computer Science, University of Tromso, Norway
- Wiimote Accessibility Modifications (From Hack a Day)
- Wiimote wireless modification for persons with disabled persons (From Instructables)
- Entwicklung einer prototypischen Lösung zum mobilen Monitoring von Epilepsipatienten
(Lang. German) (2010) (trans. Development of mobile assistive monitoring for epileptic patients)
S. Saboor, Institut fur Informationssysteme des Gesunheitswsens, Europe(Germany)

7. Other

- Integrating Engagement and First Year Problem Solving Using Game Controller Technology (Lang. Eng.)
T. E. Daniels, Iowa State University, United States

- Schlagzeug als Hyperinstrument mit kabellosen Beschleunigungssensoren(Lang. German) Project Report (2009)
F. Krebs,Universitat fur Musik und darstellende Kunst, Europe(Austria)

[WiiArm - Youtube video from MechEngine22]

NB: (.) Sorry for the missing description. Of course, you will find more information in each linked documentation.
(2011 feb.) Updates :
NB bis : many references added, now.

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